torsdag 21 januari 2010

Patch 1.3.4 preview

Andy from the Mythic comminuty team recently posted a teaser about next patch on the US forums. He couldn't yet go inte to details, but let's discuss the announcement.

"At this point the plan is to have 1.3.4 on PTS by the first week of February or (at the latest) early the second week of February. Patch notes, of course, will accompany the opening of Warpstone."

The EU servers usually open up some days later, but at least it's not long time left.

"We will be introducing an entire new line of weapons earned via RvR (this is the "feature players have been asking for"). These weapons will be purchasable via a vendor and will not be bought using medallions or crests, instead utilizing an entirely new currency system earned via Scenario gameplay from tiers 1-4. More information about these new items and how they're earned will be forthcoming in a Dev Diary with Developer Sean Bosshardt."

This is indeed interesting. I've certainly been waiting for new weapons, the bloodmoon staff I use tends to get a bit old (and it's impossible to find a sandstorm one). The suprising part is, that by "earning new weapons via RvR" doesn't translate to oRvR, but instead to Scenarios. I certainly would have wanted the weapons to be attainable from oRvR to give it more purpose, at the moment I find being in a good WB to be the best part of the game, but there's no real purpose or treat that attracts me there, except Altdorf pushes of course. Instead they want to give a purpose to scenarios, some people argue that scenarios in itself don't have any real meaning, but I don't know, I was satisfied with the anti zerg RP farm/crest mode scenarios were, soon we can get weapons as well!

"Speaking of Scenarios...
We are completely reworking the current structure of Scenarios by removing some of the less popular and streamlining the tiering of Scenarios. There will be more details upcoming in a Dev Diary from Content/RvR Lead Mike Wyatt next month."

Many thought and hoped for a premade vs premade mode when they announced their scenario remake, but it has been confirmed by Andy that they're looking into it, but it's not going to be introduced in this patch, however, we'll finally get rid of Thunder Valley at least!

"The last tidbit is a change to the way that the campaign functions. Starting with 1.3.4, once a Contested City flips into the Captured state (otherwise called "Stage 2") the Open RvR Campaign will now restart, leaving the realm sieging their enemies city with a tough decision: Stay in the city, possibly defeating your opponent's King, or retreat back to the open field to defend your realm?"

This is good, extremly good! Instead of people logging of for three hours they get the chance to go and do RvR instead. It'll probably be PvEish at first, but at least it's not the peak of boredom anymore when your opposing realm sieges your city. This will make the campaign alot more fluent, but they still need to reduce the god damn reset timer to at least 15 min....

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