torsdag 7 januari 2010

WAR Eyefinity

WAR on eyefinity, two screens at 3840*1080, imagine this on three screens....

My brother put together a new computer recently and the new 5000-series ATI Radeon video cards support a technology called "Eyefinity". Which basically means that you can use several screens with native resolution without any stretching in games. He got his second 1080p screen today and I simply had to install WAR on his computer and these screenshots show how it looks. It's simply amazing, I have yet to see how it looks in T4 RvR, stay tuned for more screenshots!

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  1. Dineza:

    i go away for 1 frickin day, and what happens.. you guys freak out and run in all different directions.. when i get back.. ima go apeshit on your arses!