lördag 27 mars 2010

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

I haven't written here for a long time because of multiple reasons, we'll discuss that some other day and focus on the video I'm about to share :)
My brother has been playing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time for a couple of days and he frapsed quite alot of it, so I edited this cinematic style video of the ending. First 3-4 min are edited and then you'll see the Ganondorf/Ganon fight. What I'm saying is that if you're not into watching ten minutes of the most awesome game of all time, at least watch the first 3-4 minutes :)

It's highly recommended that you watch it in 1080p and full screen because of the Eyefinity resolution ;)

tisdag 2 mars 2010

Jucka - First full Sovereign RR80 BO on Karak-Azgal

When I first bought WAR at launch I was one of those that got the game and just didn't sub, I don't know why but I just quit playing. A few months later Jucka (back then known as Von Snoe) told me that his BF2142 clan is rolling on WAR and that's when I resubbed. I rolled Oberheim on Karak-Azgal with them and we created the guild Kittens With Klas.
Now, about a year later, he dings RR80 and on top of that has every single part of the Sovereign set, making him the first BO on KA to wear it (and own it as far as I know).
I dinged RR79 yesterday, so he won the race which I led with 10 RR at one point, anyway, huge gratulations to you Jucka!

måndag 1 mars 2010

Shaman Healing Guide Video

Some of you might remember the Shaman Healing Guide i posted here earlier. Since I'm such a sharing person and want destruction to improve I decided to make a complement in the form of a video since alot of people can't be bothered to read guides and enjoy videos alot more :)

I know the video isn't perfect, it was never meant to be, I'm not discussing rotations or how to encounter specific cases, it's quite general and is mainly meant for new shamans out there. Though an experienced player might want to watch it anyway just for the fun of it, who knows, you might get some ides for an UI improvement or something?

I posted the link on a mIRC discussion and a fellow player there thought that I'm a retard, he thought that my positioning sucks and asked why I wasn't hiding in bushes and healing from maximum range? I'm not a hider, I prefer to be as close to my group as possible to be in range for a guard switch, minimum LoS problems and knowing that my AoE heal is always in range. Hiding doesn't really work in WAR since you can easily tab and find players and how many times haven't you been killed by a WH because you weren't close to the group? If everyone is close to each other a DPS class can easily chase away a WH that suddenly shows up from nowhere. However this doesn't really work in PUGs since people tend to run away and do their thing, so your premade should agree on that you stick close to each other and e.g. meleetrain and call out targets for the entire group.

Before I get even more rage from you guys, no, I'm not saying that you shouldn't hide, ambushing is really effective but I'm talking about hiding in bushes during small scenario fights.