tisdag 2 mars 2010

Jucka - First full Sovereign RR80 BO on Karak-Azgal

When I first bought WAR at launch I was one of those that got the game and just didn't sub, I don't know why but I just quit playing. A few months later Jucka (back then known as Von Snoe) told me that his BF2142 clan is rolling on WAR and that's when I resubbed. I rolled Oberheim on Karak-Azgal with them and we created the guild Kittens With Klas.
Now, about a year later, he dings RR80 and on top of that has every single part of the Sovereign set, making him the first BO on KA to wear it (and own it as far as I know).
I dinged RR79 yesterday, so he won the race which I led with 10 RR at one point, anyway, huge gratulations to you Jucka!

3 kommentarer:

  1. haha, cool i want to play it again :) but I have worst temper with War sometime :P, Do i want to play this role or not, Getting to 40 is easy :P but RR80 is a pain in the ass. But i like that this game is still alive somehow :P

  2. Tja! Köttsköld här! :O, Har ni grabbar slutat spela eller? :(, Sitter o grinar i guildet "The Warp" och längtar efter gammalt sällskap! Hör av dig vettja! :D

  3. Jag och Jucka har börjat köra igen o befinner oss i guilden IB :)