torsdag 31 december 2009

Killing Korthuuk for Dummies!

We all know that probably first r40 dungeon every player hasbeen in is either Bilerot Burrow or Bloodwrought enclave, commonly known as BB/BWE. I have some memories from back in the days when everyone in my guild had no experience what so ever in them, so all encounters were new and exciting, we thought that some of the bosses were horribly hard as well. I believe the screenshot to the right is from our first time with the Bile lord. Nostalgy, eh? :)

I can't really say if Mythic has nerfed most of them since then, I know that the Bile Lord is alot easier nowadays, but the first boss in BWE, Korthuuk the centigore, hasn't really given any healer a headache, any tank a scratch or any DPS a hard time, it's so horribly easy that Me and some fellow friends just had to make an instructional video of it, named:

Gork and Mork’ll smash yer ‘ead to bits!

Waaagh! So here we go, I'm not really a blogger, but I like attention, not only from you guys but especially Mythic. I've tried to write alot of posts on the official forums recently but that place is as dead as Eltharion nowadays, so I thought that I'd start this blog and maybe someday someone at Mythic is arsed to read a few posts now and then.

So who am I? I'm a git, a green one, I'm a powerfull Shaman of Mork in the realm of Karak Azgal. I'm known as Oberheim Syntheziser, former guildleader of the Swedish guild "Kittens with Klas", I passed on the title to my fellow tough 'un Black Orc Jucka as I went to celebrate christmas and new year afk. I thought that I'd like to be offline a few weeks, but here I am, writing about a game I love to hate, still unable to get connected for a few days. I still have to figure out how I gonna reclaim my leadership of the guild though...

Happy new year fellow greenskins, warriors of chaos and the armies of dark Elves!

(I got the screenshot from Jucka from the days we wore anni/sent/conq, damn Shaman sentinel still looks cool)