onsdag 6 januari 2010

Radiation Sickness

This is my sorceress, Radiation Sickness, currently RR43. I thought that I'd write the ultimate, most sophisticated guide ever on how to play with her.
Just follow these extremly hard steps:

1) Run in to the big zerg of order
2) Infernal wave
3) Disastrous Cascade
3) Pit of shades
4) Repeat from 1)

I understand if it feels hard at first, really, you need three spells so it's completely acceptable if it takes a few months to learn this spell rotation completely. If you want to be hardcore or are aiming for becoming extremly skilled, you can enhance the rotation with M2 (focused mind) + Shattered shadows or just rooting + 1800dmg to everyone with your M4, and then go for the rotation. Sorcerers are so insanely nerfed so we have to live with this hard-mode ;)

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