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The future of WAR - Skaven

We are all waiting for an expansion, or at least a major patch. Since Mythic doesn't like to share what they do inbetween their constant coffee breaks we can do nothing but guess, or interpret some random statements from now and then. I CBA to look up sources, but the community generally agrees on that if they gonna put in new races Lizardmen/Skaven would fit best. I'm a destro player all the way, but I'd really be tempted to roll an order alt if they implement the Lizardmen, the possible classes/mechanics look promising as well... I first decided to write about both races, but I had to narrow this post down alot and you can look forward to reading about Lizardmen in a few days.

These fearsome rats indeed have alot of exciting opportunities, when examining their wide selection of models in WFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) I get really excited. I'm by no means an expert in WFB, I do indeed own an Orcs & Goblins army, but becoming familiar with any race requires alot of effort and studies.

The Skaven, are in short explained as "a race of malevolent rat-men that inhabit the underground of the Warhammer world"
in their army book. Traditionally they fight with numbers and have a hierarchical social structure as seen in many other races' armies. The Skaven society is structured into a number of clans, no one can trust each other and their shy attempt on politics is dominated by endless treachery, betrayal, labyrinthine plots and scheming. The clans are usually led by a Warlord and below him is a clear hierarchical ladder based on the law of strength and cunning. They consist of, starting from the bottom: slaves and creatures from other races, above them we have the workers which represent the majority of their population. Above them we have the clanrat warriors which are few and strong, which are led by the Warlord at the top. Even though the Warlord is strong, he lives under the same circumstances as Bosses of greenskins, anyone can come and challenge him for his position, so he usually spends alot of his time eliminating rivals
which also is a sign of how paranoid the skaven are. Here below I picked some models I particulary like and that I think would be cool as classes in WAR.

Warlock Engineer
These guys are indeed interesting, they aren't natural born wizards,
so they try to control the energies of the wind magic by their weird sorcerous science. To do this they wear impressive pieces of equipment which are known as warp-power accumulators on their back. They pick up and concentrate magical energy through an antenna. As I understood they don't know any spells, but are instead dependent on the equipment they wear. In WFB every model you choose costs a certain amount of points, you can then choose to enhance this particaular model with extra equipment and for 25 additional points I can choose to buy a "Storm Daemon" which is a Warpstone device that can be used by Warlock Engineers. This devide grants its bearer a Warp lightning spell.

Similiar to the Witch Hunter and Witch Elf the Skaven could have their own stealthy assasins. They are described as follows in their army book: "They're the masters of the secret lethal arts of Clan Esbin. They have the reputation of being able to turn invisible, appearing from the shadows only to deliver poisoned death to their destined victims. "
It's questionable if we want or need another stealth class in WAR, but they're indeed cool and I enjoy playing my WE alot.

Skaven Plague Censer Bearer
There's a big range of models that could fit as mDPS classes, I myself think that Skaven Plague Censer Bearers are cool, they carry deadly weapons known as plague censer, these weapons are flails whose spiked heads are filled with burning warpstone incense. Not anyone gets the honour, only the most deranged and fanatical worshippers of disease are chosen for this task.

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