torsdag 4 februari 2010

All I do is complain

It's been a while since I wrote here last time, time has passed and I'd like to say that alot has happened in Warhammer, we can indeed look forward to 1.3.4 and even try it out on the PTS, but is it that much really?

In 1.3.3 basically what we got was the new "Ooooh, Shiny!" graphics, underdog system ( which all in all is just a static point system) and the War Report. Not much, but hey, Mythic surely was working on something bigger. And now, when we all can read the 1.3.4 patch notes I can't say I'm satisfied.

As usual there's three major changes, or updates. They promised us a scenario revamp, which results in that when 1.3.4 goes live, we only have 6 scenarios in T4. I mean, WTF? Isn't there like 26 scenarios in the game and they narrowed it to only 6? Mythic is indeed the only company that removes content from their games, first fortresses and now scenarios? We want more content, not less, and weren't we asking for a premade vs premade mode?

Anyhow, it's not the full story. The scenarios will be online at all times, so no more waiting for Battle For Praag, and they introduced a big bunch of new weapons as well which will be obtainable with new insignias that you get from participating in scenarios and some RvR events. So I'd say that's the 2nd improvement with the patch, new weapons.

3rd then? Last time they gave us the underdog system, this time they thought that what we need is an even more open RvR lake, WAR is everywhere you know? Well, whenever a city goes to stage 2 in a siege the RvR lakes will open up again. It'll probably be just PVE but it's a nice thing since there's nothing to do if your city gets captured.

This makes me wonder what Mythic is working on really, for me this feels like maintenance mode and the fact that they aren't announcing anything more far away than a few weeks at the time just supports the statement. Perhaps they have 80% of the staff working on 1.4.0 or even an expansion, LotD went live last summer so I really hope they're working on something for 2010 as well, but that's all I can do, hope. I'm getting closer to rr80 every day, it's going well with farming Tyrant and I've got several sovereign pieces so my time in the game is coming to it's end soon if they don't make it more interesting. Ah well, the scenario farming starts as 1.3.4 goes live...

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