onsdag 10 februari 2010

Tyrant vs Sovereign

I'm sure many of you have been wondering what the best armor for your class is. Before I joined IB I wasn't really planning on farming Tyrant, as ToVL in the end is quite hard and after failing to get full Darkpromise (those damn shoulders never drop...) I wasn't that into starting to farm a new set again. However, to my delight I got into an awesome group and now I'm only missing the chest and helm, I got the glyph cape last run and therefore I've got all 5 bonuses from the glyphs now. Now that I've got some Tyrant and Sovereign I've been thinking about what the best combo is. To my dissapointment, when comparing the two sets I realised that the set bonuses of Tyrant are far superior to Sovereign. Just look at the 5 piece bonus:
Hierophant's Grace - On Hit or Direct Heal: 5% chance to reduce build times by 50% for 10 seconds.
Which practically means that I have a high chance to pop Focused Mind, just do the math, gather around, my AoE heal hits 6 targets, hence it has a 35% chance to proc on every AoE heal. If I know Mythic right there's a high chance that it procs from HoT tics as well which would make it IMBA untill they fix it. The 6 piece bonus is +50AP and that in combination with the 5 piece glyph bonus (+50AP) I'll have +100AP from my gear alone, giving me a total of 400AP (keep in mind that you get +25AP from both RR70 and 75).
Let's take a look at Sovereign.

(6 Piece Bonus) Caretaker - On Hit: 10% chance to heal defensive target for 113 health.
(7 Piece Bonus) Vivacious - On Heal: 10% chance to recover 50 AP.
(8 Piece Bonus) Gain ability: Just a bit mor'

The 6 piece bonus seems to be a lesser version of the Warlord 6 piece bonus:
(6 Piece Bonus) Martyr - On Being Hit: 10% chance to heal group for 192 health over 9 seconds.
In reality the HoT is over 1k so hopefully it's as high on the Sovereign version, which would make it quite good, but atm I've got 4 pieces so I can't test it out yet. The 7 piece Sov bonus is quite good as well, far better than +50AP from full tyrant. But what this set would need to justify it over Tyrant is the Hierophant's Grace proc which simply is too good to not have. What about the 8 piece bonus then? The reward from gathering the entire Sovereign set? I bet you think it's IMBA, but after some research I found out that it's an ability with 2min CD, which adds 20 feet range for 10s. WTF... Is it really that good? I'd say it's crap, 'cause you seldom heal from max range anyway and in RvR it's far more effective to stay as close to each other as possible. I can see its uses though, sometimes when you rush for someone and getting into range would make the difference between life and death, but something tells me that wearing full Sovereign should give something far better.

So for now I gonna farm the entire Tyrant set and wear it with all glyphs, in other words, my endgame character will wear PVE gear. I yet have to see how it works out, perhaps Hierophant's grace isn't that good after all. But I will certainly wear Sovereign just for the looks of it when I get some more parts. I gonna try out a combo with 5 piece Tyrant and the Sovereign shoulders/cape/jewelry as well, which would give me the +85WP bonus but I'd loose 100AP and hell alot of healing power. Doh, I read a comment from Mythic somewhere that they aren't planning on doing big changes on set bonuses but to instead learn of their "mistakes" (I'm sure they used another word for that, perhaps player feedback or something ;) ) and make better and more balanced sets in the future. Time will tell, ha, I didn't even know they were planning on adding content to the game after seeing them removing some from time to time! :D

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