lördag 6 februari 2010

The journey continues

So I've finally dinged RR77 and this friday we went for the Emperor Karl Franz as well. I have to say that I was lucky, the sovereign belt dropped and now i've got a total of four pieces. I was actually quite close to buy it, but I guess yesterday was another proof of that greed pays back. However, I really want the shoulders, since they're basically the best individual Shaman part and they look cool as well. I should afford to buy them in about a week, but of course they'll drop if I fall for the temptation.

I'm happy to say that my ToVL group is doing pretty well, we usually oneshot all bosses now (and yet we wipe on trash sometimes lol), I'm only one part away from the Amazing 5 piece bonus which gives a 5% proc chance to pop Focused Mind, it'll never be as good as the DoK equivalent, but at least it's as good as a Shaman can be. In the end I'll probably be running with 5 pieces of Tyrant and rest sovereign, I.E sov shoulders + jewelry. I haven't looked to much
into it but I think that's the best setup as the game is now. We tried out with a new tank in ToVL so my group wanted me to optimize my gear for healing since I usually just use my T/W RvR gear with decent PVE healing capability, I tried it out in a few Scenarios but I just can't live with being squishy, however I'll try to be a bit liberal when I get the entire tyrant set and try different stuff out, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing those big crits when needed the most!

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