onsdag 6 oktober 2010

My own 1.4.0 trailer

I upgraded my computer this week with an intel i7 950, Asus rampage III extreme, 6gb 1600mhz dominator RAM, a brand new 24" LED screen and a Samsun Spinpoint F3 HDD entirely dedicated to frapsing, so I had to try it out in action. Luckily the PTS for 1.4.0 was open so I went there with my dear old friend Jucka and did some frapsing.

Somehow I thought that I was in a hurry, the content of a patch isn't all that fresh for long so I had to rush this video, however with my new set up everything went just faster (my old Q6600 wasn't all that fast at rendering for instance) and the material which I use has improved alot as well, frapsing at 60fps at 1080p isn't all that bad huh? :D

Anyway, here's the result!

3 kommentarer:

  1. awesome video. great job.

  2. Very nice vid !

    what's the music plz ?