måndag 4 oktober 2010

The most epic troll on Karak-Azgal since dawn of time

Well I guess it's time to post it here as well. My most recent video was made with the intention to troll the crap out of order on Karak Azgal, well, destruction as well I guess. The general idea was to basically claim that I'm uh... The best player in the world ;P And on top of that taunt a couple of guilds on order side. The idea to this video initially came from when i posted the IB vid on the KA forums on WHA and I wasn't sure if alot of the replies were either trolls or written by retards, so I guess I figured that they deserve it.

I made it quite fast and didn't put alot of effort in it due to the character of movie. Please note that all editing was basically done when i frapsed the UI part, so I wasn't looking for the ultimate skill clip. I still find it quite funny concidering how many they were. Yea, I've heard it before, I had a tank guarding me, but keep in mind that it was a PUG as well, and there is nothing to justify that something like 8ppl couldn't dps me down? Ah well, noobs.

Link to WHA thread

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