torsdag 4 november 2010

Oberheal Trailer

It's time for another video and this time it's abit more action inspired. I've been thinking of doing more movie (or machinima if you like) inspired videos in the future, but I can't honestly tell because I keep changing my mind all the time. However, this one was basically a test of new ideas and especially a bit more advanced editing.
Tell me what you think! :)

Please view it in 720p and full screen!

5 kommentarer:

  1. När jag ser dina videos så får jag en sån jäkla lust att börja lira igen! Lägger din blogg under favoriter!

    /Scummy Ex-Eva Vix och Ex-Vandy Sagina

  2. Need more Videos. Oberheim where are you ^^

  3. grymm blogg man1 Waaaagh

  4. Love the videos, really impressive editing mate.

    Hope you make more :)